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dates 2021:

February 15th- March 06th- April 26nd:
January- September:
EXPO 2021/Dubai:
A portrait about Hannah Ma and The People United for the Expo 2021 is currently in the making (Hochschule Heilbronn)
February- September:
Hannah Ma is editing:
The People United Magazine,
Performing Arts Festival, on paper
a #TakePart/ Fonds für Darstellende Künste (GER)
April: ONDA | Hannah Ma 2021, official Trailer release for:
May 7th- May 11th:
"Die Übersterblichen. Eine letzte Reise"- Participatory project on the subject of death (Direction: Judith Kriebel) @ Tuchfabrik Trier (Ger) 



November 9th, European Academy of the Arts, Trier (GER):

8 PM | European Academy of the Arts, Trier (GER):

ONDA- into the unknown,

Rhineland-Phalatinate premiere

9.30 PM:
The People United Magazine,
Performing Arts Festival, on paper
official launch
supported by: #TakePart/ Fonds für Darstellende Künste (GER)


...and more...stay tuned.

dates 2020:

January- July 2020:
EXPO 2020/Dubai:
A portrait about Hannah Ma and her work for the Expo 2020 is currently in the making 
POSTPONED to 2021 
March 06th- April 26nd:
Hannah Ma is co-curating:"1000 Tücher- Srebrenica"
@ Tuchfabrik Trier (GER) 
March 06th- April 26nd: "Freedom/ Authority- how bodies reflect political systems"- Workshop with Hannah Ma @ Tuchfabrik Trier (GER)
March 13th:
Hannah Ma is invited as a speaker at TanzZeit Symposium, Berlin (GER)
March 16th-22nd:
Hannah Ma is in residency with U&J Arts and Culture, Johannesburg/ZA
June 26th-July 06th:
South Africa Tour 2020/
NAF 2020
Hannah Ma and The People United will present.
SWAN and CLASH- Romeo and Julia @ National Arts Festival, Makanda (ZA)
September 10th:
Hannah Ma is invited as a speaker for the Fachtag on Dance and Racism: "The other body"/ curated by Nora Amin
September 26th and 27th:
Premiere of "A rather odd question" (Larisa Faber/ Hannah Ma) @ Grand Théâtre de la Ville, Luxembourg

dates 2019:

June 27th and 28th:
@Guy Butler Theatre

July 4th and 5th:

"Wanderer"@Great Hall

www.nationalartsfestival.co.za, Makanda (ZA)

October 12th:

"Sylphides-humans-fishes-birds" as part of "Der Seele den Weg leuchten" @ Basilika Trier (GER)

October 17th:

"(no) roots"( Joseph- Maria Balnaya/ Hannah Ma) @ European Academy of the Arts, Trier (GER)


December 11th and 12th:

"Nutkracker- never grow up"@ Landesmuseum Stuttgart as part of "Freie Szene zu Gast" (GER), Stuttgart (GER)

December 18th and 19th:

"Nutkracker- never grow up"@ Tuchfabrik Trier (GER), Trier (GER)

dates 2018:

March 14th-18th:
Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @ Tanzplattform 18, Essen (GER)/ Exportförderung Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Essen (GER)
April 25th:
May 24th-26th:
June 2nd- October 31st:
I AM aus TRIER- die Karl Marx Revue @ Tuchfabrik Trier, Trier (GER)
August/ September 2018:
29.08-01.09: hannahmadance @ ITM, Internationale Tanzmesse Duesseldorf
with DTD/ Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Düsseldorf (GER)
September 21st-24th:
October 18th-28th:
hannahmadance is hosting Ni Ni Chen Company (NY) and Samuel Japhet (TZA) for residencies @ Tuchfabrik Trier (GER)
October 27th:
"We are...the People"
a choreographic evening on the topic of human freedom and the freedom of speech with: Nai Ni Chen (CHN/ NY), Sergio Mel (BRA), Giovanni Zazzera (LU/IT), Hannah Ma (GER/CHN)
November 1st-4th:
Hannah Ma is representing hannahmadance/ The People United@ IETM Plenary Meeting, Munich and is presenting "WANDERER" in a showroom, Munich (GER)



dates 2017:




January 10th:

"Rauhnacht" /WANDERER work in progress @ German General Consulate; New York (©)New York (US)



January 6th-10th:

the company will present itself at APAP Conference New York

The People United was chosen as one of five German companies to attend APAP 2017 (US)



February 4th-10th:

Hannah Ma is representing "The People United" @ Swiss Dance Days, Geneva (CH)



March 18th.: "Dieu/ Monstre"

Arpmuseum am Rolandseck (GER)



April 29th:

H.E.R.O.E.S @ Heilig Rock Tage Festival ( Bistum Trier), Trier (DE)



May 10th and 11th:

H.E.R.O.E.S @ Festival Passages, Metz (FR)



May 12th:

Premiere "Faust" (Kade Schmidt) @ Anhaltisches Theater Dessau (DE)



May 24th-June 16th:

"Schwanensee(le)", research @

TalentLAB with Grand Theatre, Luxembourg(LU)



June 29th- July 9th:

Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @

National Arts Festival, Grahamstown- South Africa (ZAF)



November 3rd, 8pm: Premiere "WANDERER" @ Kulturfabrik Eupen (BE)



November 7th and 8th, 11am:

"Wanderer" @ Theater Trier (DE)



November 25th, 8pm: "WANDERER" @ Theatre Esch (LU)


December 16th:

Premiere: UNDO

@ Theatre National du Luxembourg



December 17th and 20th:

UNDO @Theatre National du Luxembourg





ONDA@Théâtre National Luxembourg, © Bohumil Kostohrytz

“ONDA” is a research, performance and art production space curiously discussing the relationship of humans and nature against the background of anthropocentrism.


ONDA is an artistic collaboration between

Hannah Ma (Hannah Ma Dance, GER | The People United, LU)

Sebastian M. Purfürst (LEM-Studios, Berlin)

and their teams




                               ONDA ISLANDS 2021:

                               ONDA | live performance

ONDA | video and sound installation with performers

  ONDA | music album

          ONDA | digital performance

ONDA | photobook



The artistic research focusses on elements of dance, physical acting, audiovisual compositions and immersive digital arts which are woven into transmedia storytelling — experienced through live performances, installations, online presentations and new media formats.


How do we define the “non- reproducible magical soul”, the aura, the prehistoric part in every individual, the meaning of love in this modern, digitalized and globalized society? How can we deal with our hidden desires and our deepest fears in times of a pandemic and in the isolation of confinement?  ONDA is an emotional road trip into the abysses of ourselves and the abysses of the oceans that remain as silent witnesses of global colonial structures. ONDA explores the relationships of the performers since their collective trip to Southafrica back in 2019 until today and how they deal with confinement and the cold, technical world. The team asks itself how they can become and build an identity in the stress field of the digital and analog world by analyzing the mythology and hybridity of mermaids in our contemporary narratives.




Tour dates:

‚The politics of intimacy‘@ JOMBA! Masihambisane Dialogues | Durban, ZA on June 2nd

Théâtre National du Luxembourg: March 7th, March 9th and May 11th
Europäische Kunstakademie, Trier: November 2021 dates to be announced
Uferstudios Berlin, Berlin: August 20th 
Jomba! Festival, Durban (ZA): September 2021 3rd, digital premiere






ONDA Team:


Choreography: Hannah Ma

Concept: Hannah Ma, Sebastian M. Purfürst
Production: Hannah Ma
Production Assistance: Dirk Seifert, Lena Noske
Digital Development, Music, Photo- and Videoart: Sebastian M. Purfürst | LEM-Studios Berlin
Costume: Ele Bleffert, Hannah Ma
Make Up and Hair: Emanuelle Simons
Lighting Design: Nico Trembley, Hannah Ma 
Dramaturgy: Hannah Ma, Marc- Bernhard Gleißner 
Choreographic Assistance, Rehearsal Directors: Christin Reinartz, Sergio Mel
Translation: Lena Noske
Video: Sebastian M. Purfürst, Alexander Ourth, Delmar Mavignier
Graphic Design: Annick Kieffer, Sara Giubelli | Studio Polenta
Technical Services: Thorsten Müller, TM Eventservice
Co- Creation: Ritsuko Matsuoka, Sergio Mel, Maher Abdul Moaty, Christin Reinartz, Valentina Zappa
Performance: Ritsuko Matsuoka, Sergio Mel, Maher Abdul Moaty, Sebastian M. Purfürst, Christin Reinartz, Valentina Zappa

Production: The People United asbl (LU), hannahmadance| Tufa Tanz e.V. (GER)
Coproduction: Théâtre National du Luxembourg (LU)
With the support of:
Trois C-L/ Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ministry of Culture Rhineland-Phalatinate, Arts Foundation Sparkasse Trier, LEM-Studios Berlin, Tuchfabrik Trier
Special Thanks to: National Arts Festival Makanda, Nina Zebe, Barbara Ma, Kiteboarding Magazine, UJ Arts & Culture University of Johannesburg




Emma Appel: Luxemburger Wort, 11. Mai

„Die Welle als Symbol der Energie- fließender Widerstand:

Die einstündige Choreografie beeindruckt durch die radikalen Ausbrüche der Tänzer*innen wie durch die fließenden Übergänge. Mitunter wirken die Tanzfiguren wie organische Zustände… 

Die Choreografie erschafft mitreißende Momentaufnahmen und Synergien nach dem Vorbild der Naturgewalt und im Einklang mit ihr.

So erweist sich die Performance als hybrider Organismus- entstanden aus dem analogen, dem digitalen und dem mythischen Raum. Für den Zuschauer ist „ONDA“ in mehrfacher Weise ein sinnliches Erlebnis: bedrohlich, stürmisch und mythisch. Wer sich auf die Choreografie einlässt, kann sich mit den Tänzer*innen hineinstürzen ins Ungewisse. Zugleich ist es ein ästhetisches Erlebnis, das mit den gängigen Konventionen des Zeitgenössischen Tanzes bricht.

Nicht zuletzt wirkt die fließende Choreografie wie eine trotzige Antwort auf die Covid-19 Welle.“

Program Poster
hannahmadance ONDA 2021.pdf
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