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Speaking Body – Körper-Kommunikation (Hannah Ma)                                ©Hannah Ma
Speaking Body – Körper-Kommunikation (Hannah Ma) ©Hannah Ma

„Speaking Body“ is a body communication method I created during my career.It is based on Yoga, release and improvisation techniques to connect body and soul in relation with space and sourrounding objects and subjects.

Therefore an instant movement sculpture rises as the result of bodies and souls that are driven by our ancient subconsciousness.

In the work the participants will discover the importance of everyones individuality in a collective. They will learn and discover in a playful way what you say about yourself without speaking and how you communicate in a group beyond spoken language.

In guided improvisation exercises and through moving in space everyone will find an individual (body-) language and can connect with the others through improvisation.

So the group develops „Speaking Bodies“ that will give a new selfconfidence and -consciousness.

The group will find forms of choreographic fragments- and every participant will discover the individual movements as part of an „Instant Creation“.



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