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Hannah Ma currently offers the workshops/ masterclasses:

"Speaking Body"


"Freedom versus Authority- how bodies reflect political systems"


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Workshop "Speaking Body" | hannahmadance:
Sergio Mel, Yuri Fortini, Ritsuko Matsuoka and students
National Arts Festival Makanda / ZA, 2019



“Aesthetically, I want to work on the collective frequencies in this work and also with the movement of the group. In my work I always want to refer to the political situation in the world and how we can solve our problems and how we can overcome our prejudices, colonisation and colonial thinking. We will also work on the relationship of human body and water. Besides the political, I want to find out what the essential conditions are of being a human and I think that is something that is the same with everyone in all cultures, countries and political systems; finding out how we can find our roots, our heritage and our ancestors.” "Waves Workshop" Hannah Ma @ UJ Arts& Culture, University Johannesburg 2019 (ZA)