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photo above: production 2017:



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dates 2017:




January 10th:

"Rauhnacht" /WANDERER work in progress @ German General Consulate; New York (©)



January 6th-10th:

the company will present itself at APAP Conference New York

The People United was chosen as one of five German companies to attend APAP 2017 (US)



February 4th-10th:

Hannah Ma is representing "The People United" @ Swiss Dance Days, Geneva (CH)



March 18th.: "Dieu/ Monstre"

Arpmuseum am Rolandseck (DE)



April 29th:

H.E.R.O.E.S @ Heilig Rock Tage Festival ( Bistum Trier), Trier (DE)



May 10th and 11th:

H.E.R.O.E.S @ Festival Passages, Metz (FR)



May 12th:

Premiere "Faust" (Kade Schmidt) @ Anhaltisches Theater Dessau (DE)



May 24th-June 16th:

"Schwanensee(le)", research @

TalentLAB with Grand Theatre, Luxembourg(LU)



June 29th- July 9th:

Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @

National Arts Festival, Grahamstown- South Africa (ZAF)



November 3rd: Premiere "WANDERER" @ Kulturfabrik Eupen (BE)



November 8th:

"Wanderer" @ Theater Trier, 11am (DE)



November 24th: "WANDERER" @ Theatre Esch (LU)







dates 2016:



"Their past"- Simone  Moussett, Resolution Festival; London



"Hannah Ma & Guests"

Centre Culturel"Beim Nessert", Mondercange;




"Die Gans"

Cape, Ettelbrück; Luxembourg



"Optike"- Anu Sistonen

Theatre Mancieulles, France



"Arena" Premiere

`Les Emergences`-

Banannefabrik, Luxembourg




Ruhrfestspiele Fringe      Recklinghausen,Germany


24.06.-24.07.:"The People United" Company is performing in "Jesus Christ Superstar" ( Regie: Martin Berger) with Theatre Trier 



"The People United" Company is performing in: "Creat(e)ures Festival", Tufa Tanz; Trier



"The People United" Company is performing in "Cabaret" (Regie: Quarg+Goldfarb) with Theater Trier 




"The People United" Company is performing in "Im weissen Rössl" (Regie: Christian von Goetz) with Theater Trier



"H.E.R.O.E.S", Theater Trier



19.12.: public rehearsal


Tufa Trier





dates 2015:



19.11.: "DIEU/ MONSTRE" Premiere

`Les Emergences`-

Banannefabrik, Luxembourg


11./12./ 13.12.:

`Nussknacker- das Fest`

Theatre National, Luxembourg




















Heroes @ Petra Gueth Photography

Heroes @ Heilig Rock Tage, Trier- April 28th, 7pm

Heroes @ Festival Passages, Metz- May 10th/11th, 6pm

Heroes @ Sommerheckmeck, Trier- June 21st, 9pm


Info: Heilig Rock Tage, Trier


      Sommerheckmeck, Trier



© hannah ma dance/ photo: Gregory Mebille

Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @ Swiss Dance Days, Geneva

February 4th-10th

ç Bohumil Kostohrytz

"Rauhnacht"/ WANDERER work in progress @ German Consulate General, United Nations Plaza; New York

January 10th 2017

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The People United by hannah ma dance/ HAN SúN Gathering were chosen by Dachverband Tanz Germany to attend APAP Flow 2017, January 6th-10th, New York

Heroes @ Petra Gueth Photography

Heroes at Theater Trier, November 14th: 11 am and 7.30pm



Ranim al Malat @ Petra Gueth Photography

The People United are nominated for "deutscher Engagementpreis". www.deutscher-Engagementpreis.de

The People United Project/ hannah ma dance © Petra Gueth Photography

The People United Project

Hannah Ma started a new project introducing "People United" in March 2016."People United" is a dance company with dancers from all over the world. "People United" perform as guest company with Theatre Trier in "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Cabaret" and "Im weissen Rössl" in 2016/17. 

HEROES © Petra Gueth Photography

Heroes at Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Fringe Festival

Mai 17th-22nd 2016

hannah ma dance ©RLP

hannah ma dance was awarded with the "Brückenpreis" 2015 for the work with european and arab artists in "H.E.R.O.E.S"