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Hannah Ma 2022:

Mai | June:


INVASION(S) rehearsals, Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU)


Mai 25th | 26th: 
`Dancing Nomadic Truth`- concept paper/ video essay: Hannah Ma @ Jomba! Dialogues (ZA)




Mai | June:


INVASION(S) rehearsals, Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU) My Dance/ Nora Amin programmed by Hannah Ma @ Tuchfabrik Trier |


hannahmadance is supporting: Project June 4th- Tiannamen_ a commemorial performance by Ming Poon 




June 10th: 


Hannah Ma is presenting: "Posthuman Manifesto"(videoessay) @ AGENDA- woman for gender equity- launch |Gendered Implications of New Technologies and Posthuman Subjectivities from the Global South (Durban,ZA)



June | Juli | October:


Hannah Ma as Choreographer with Larisa Faber (Good Girls), Esch 22 (LU)




June 19th:


Hannah Ma as speaker @ Tanzkongress  (Tanzmainz), GER





Hannah Ma as mentor for flausen+ residency 2022, Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln (GER)




November | December:


INVASION(S): Performative Installation @Kunsthalle Trier, 



work in progress showing (Prozessförderung Fonds Darstellende Künste) Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU)






UNITED NETWORKS (Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste), GER

Please explore extracts of my work here:

(You find our schedule here: Dates)

The People United Magazine,
Performing Arts Festival, on paper
a #TakePart/ Fonds für Darstellende Künste (GER)
Presentation @ Banannefabrik Luxemburg | Trois du Trois, Trois C-L Choreographic Center Luxemburg 
December 3rd 2021

ONDA-into the unknown: Uferstudios Berlin(GER): August: 20th 2021, Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience(ZA): September 3rd 2021, Kunsthalle Trier (GER) November 9th 2021

Interview mit Michael Freundt / Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (Fachtag „The Other Body - Tanz und Rassismus / The Performative Political Body of today“/ Schillertheater Berlin, September 2020)


September 26th and 27th:
Premiere of "A rather odd question" (Larisa Faber/ Hannah Ma)

ç LEM Studios Berlin 

March 16th-22nd:
Hannah Ma is in residency with U&J Arts and Culture, Johannesburg/ZA

© Syndikat-visuell.de

December 11th and 12th:

"Nutkracker- never grow up"@ Landesmuseum Stuttgart as part of "Freie Szene zu Gast" (GER) 


December 18th and 19th:


"Nutkracker- never grow up"@ Tuchfabrik Trier (GER)

© LEM-Studios, Berlin

October 12th:

"Sylphides-humans-fishes-birds- a postcolonial ballet" as part of "Der Seele den Weg leuchten" @ Basilika Trier (GER) 

@hannahmadance/ LEM Studios


July 4th and 5th @Great Hall


South Africa Tour 2019
@ NAF- National Arts Festival, Grahamstown 

@hannahmadance/ LEM Studios Berlin

SYLPHIDES-humans-fishes-birds- a postcolonial ballet

June 27th and 28th @Guy Butler Theatre


South Africa Tour 2019
@ NAF- National Arts Festival, Grahamstown 

© Bohumil Kostohrytz

November 1st-4th:
Hannah Ma is representing hannahmadance/ The People United@ IETM Plenary Meeting, Munich and is presenting "WANDERER" in a showroom


© Eva-Maria Reuther

October 28th:
"we are ...the people"
Open Symposium with  Nai Ni Chen (CHN), Sergio Mel (BRA), Giovanni Zazzera (LU/IT), Hannah Ma (GER/CHN @ Tuchfabrik Trier 
Foto: Saeed Hani in " Calvin, Mary and you and me" (Hannah Ma) work in progress
September 21st-24th:
August/ September 2018:
29.08-01.09: hannahmadance @ ITM, Internationale Tanzmesse Duesseldorf
with DTD/ Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

SWAN© Bohumil Kostohrytz

May 24th-26th:

@ Tanzplattform

March 14th-18th:
Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @ Tanzplattform 18, Essen (GER)/ Exportförderung Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

@ Bohumil Kostohrytz

December 16th:

Premiere: UNDO

@ Theatre National du Luxembourg (LU)








November 3rd, 8pm: Premiere "WANDERER" @ Kulturfabrik Eupen (BE)



November 7th and 8th, 11am:

"Wanderer" @ Theater Trier (DE)



November 25th, 8pm: "WANDERER" @ Theatre Esch (LU)

@ Hannah Ma

July 20th: WANDERER photoproject, shooting

© Studio Hannah Ma

Tawern Fellerich, Germany

@ Hannah Ma

July 8th: WANDERER photoproject, shooting

© Studio Hannah Ma

Ostkap, Southafrica


June 29th- July 9th:

Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United and talking @the international Symposium on July 6th@

National Arts Festival, Grahamstown- South Africa (ZAF)WANDERER photoproject, shooting

© Studio Hannah Ma

Ostkap, Southafrica 

Heroes @ Petra Gueth Photography

H.E.R.O.E.S tour 2017


Heroes @ Heilig Rock Tage, Trier- April 28th, 7pm

Heroes @ Festival Passages, Metz- May 10th/11th, 6pm

Heroes @ Sommerheckmeck, Trier- June 21st, 9pm


Info: Heilig Rock Tage, Trier


      Sommerheckmeck, Trier



© hannah ma dance/ photo: Gregory Mebille

Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @ Swiss Dance Days, Geneva

February 4th-10th

ç Bohumil Kostohrytz

"Rauhnacht"/ WANDERER work in progress @ German Consulate General, United Nations Plaza; New York

January 10th 2017

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The People United by hannah ma dance/ HAN SúN Gathering were chosen by Dachverband Tanz Germany to attend APAP Flow 2017, January 6th-10th, New York

Heroes @ Petra Gueth Photography

Heroes at Theater Trier, November 14th: 11 am and 7.30pm



Ranim al Malat @ Petra Gueth Photography

The People United are nominated for "deutscher Engagementpreis". www.deutscher-Engagementpreis.de

HEROES © Petra Gueth Photography

Heroes at Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, Fringe Festival

Mai 17th-22nd 2016

hannah ma dance ©RLP

hannah ma dance was awarded with the "Brückenpreis" 2015 for the work with european and arab artists in "H.E.R.O.E.S"