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Hannah Ma 2022:

Mai | June:


INVASION(S) rehearsals, Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU)


Mai 25th | 26th: 
`Dancing Nomadic Truth`- concept paper/ video essay: Hannah Ma @ Jomba! Dialogues (ZA)




Mai | June:


INVASION(S) rehearsals, Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU) My Dance/ Nora Amin programmed by Hannah Ma @ Tuchfabrik Trier |


hannahmadance is supporting: Project June 4th- Tiannamen_ a commemorial performance by Ming Poon 




June 10th: 


Hannah Ma is presenting: "Posthuman Manifesto"(videoessay) @ AGENDA- woman for gender equity- launch |Gendered Implications of New Technologies and Posthuman Subjectivities from the Global South (Durban,ZA)



June | Juli | October:


Hannah Ma as Choreographer with Larisa Faber (Good Girls), Esch 22 (LU)




June 19th:


Hannah Ma as speaker @ Tanzkongress  (Tanzmainz), GER





Hannah Ma as mentor for flausen+ residency 2022, Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln (GER)




November | December:


INVASION(S): Performative Installation @Kunsthalle Trier, 



work in progress showing (Prozessförderung Fonds Darstellende Künste) Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU)






UNITED NETWORKS (Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste), GER



People United | PERFORMING ARTS (on) PAPER  is funded as part of the programme TakePart | #TakeThat by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. (Fonds Daku) – in the frame of NEUSTART KULTUR funding program on behalf of the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media.
People United | PERFORMING ARTS (on) PAPER(under the motto _Transition into WE) aims to be an international forum for the discussion and reflection of current topics in the performing arts.
records what has happened in the cultural sector since the beginning of the pandemic and how the cultural sector has changed since then. It discusses in interviews and portraits with various representatives of the art and cultural scene how we can reflect on ourselves, our work, our actions, on our task(s) and our position in (consumer) society during this time. What does it mean to be an artist in a capitalist system in times of crisis? Does this reflection matter? Do artists have to become more economical, more capitalistic, think, act capitalistic? The possibility of including digital content in the publication creates a documentary Gesamtkunstwerk – a complemented and completed body of art. People United magazine turns into a _Performing Arts Festival on paper.
provides a necessary platform for collective exchange about needs, fears, challenges, desires, hopes, anticipation and longings, questions the old and grapples with new modes of production and provides new insights into financial and intellectual securities of artists today.
connects the art scene in a previously unseen way and thus aims to achieve restoring the visibility of what is currently invisible. This is how People United Magazine | Performing Arts Festival | on paper creates a new model platform for the art scene, a new form of art documentation and connects the arts community in a format that is both haptic and digitally accessible.
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Open Call Magazine 2021

The People United Magazin | Performing Arts Festival | on paper

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Open Call
The People United Magazin | Performing Arts Festival | on paper

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