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Hannah Ma 2022:

Mai | June:


INVASION(S) rehearsals, Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU)


Mai 25th | 26th: 
`Dancing Nomadic Truth`- concept paper/ video essay: Hannah Ma @ Jomba! Dialogues (ZA)




Mai | June:


INVASION(S) rehearsals, Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU) My Dance/ Nora Amin programmed by Hannah Ma @ Tuchfabrik Trier |


hannahmadance is supporting: Project June 4th- Tiannamen_ a commemorial performance by Ming Poon 




June 10th: 


Hannah Ma is presenting: "Posthuman Manifesto"(videoessay) @ AGENDA- woman for gender equity- launch |Gendered Implications of New Technologies and Posthuman Subjectivities from the Global South (Durban,ZA)



June | Juli | October:


Hannah Ma as Choreographer with Larisa Faber (Good Girls), Esch 22 (LU)




June 19th:


Hannah Ma as speaker @ Tanzkongress  (Tanzmainz), GER





Hannah Ma as mentor for flausen+ residency 2022, Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln (GER)




November | December:


INVASION(S): Performative Installation @Kunsthalle Trier, 



work in progress showing (Prozessförderung Fonds Darstellende Künste) Trier and Luxembourg (GER/LU)






UNITED NETWORKS (Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste), GER

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Hannah Ma is a German- Chinese choreographer. She was born in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. 

Hannah focuses on contemporary rituals and the translation of ancient roots within our society. Her works are divided into two choreographic directions: “Taming Monsters” (decolonizing classical theatre pieces) and “Transformances” (performances that are based on rituals).

Hannah Ma's artistic orientation is conceptually based on the work with predominantly BIPoC dancers and the thematic focus on intersectional storytelling and the representation of multi-perspective narratives.

hannahmadance deals with structural marginalization mechanisms and focuses on diversity mainstreaming, empowerment of feminist actions, and gender equity in content and mediation work. The dance pieces captivate with a unique choreographic signature that frames the socio-political issues in a framework of choreographic excellence and is equally accessible, fascinating, and transformative for the audience.


She was educated at the Conservatory in Vienna, the John-Cranko School, Stuttgart, and the University of Hagen (GER).

Hannah was a scholarship student at Kirov Ballet/ St. Petersburg and Hong Kong Ballet. She won several ballet competitions, such as ÖTR- Contest in Vienna and the International Ballet Competitions in Györ, Hungary, and Bologna, Italy.

Hannah won several awards as a dancer and choreographer such as the “Theatermaske” from Richard- Wagner association (DE), the “Brückenpreis Rhinland-Phalatinate “(DE). She was nominated for the German “Engagementpreis“. Her work "H.E.R.O.E.S" was evaluated and published by the German UNESCO Commission and the Bertelsmann Foundation in "Kunst in der Migrationsgesellschaft-Beiträge der Künste für ein Leben in Vielfalt".


Hannah Mas's work focuses on the body as both the witness and the landscape

of political changes in our multi- migrating world and the search for identity and belonging. Hannah Ma works with artists from around the world, such as Syria, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and Europe. Her interest lies in non-verbal communication and finding ways to overcome social and cultural habits and prejudice concerning the so-called 'foreign and alien.'

In her work, she focuses on techniques like the collective consciousness, which fits with her education as a spiritual healer and yogi and her classical ballet training with Stuttgart Ballett.

Her recent work Onda- into the unknown focuses on waves. Both as the waves of our communication and the dynamics that rule the world and our being. Her philosophical approach is to examine and understand the flow.

She created various educational and participatory projects.

Hannah Ma finished an education as a hospice helper in 2020.


Hannah worked, amongst others, with Theatre Freiburg (GER), Museumsquatier(A), Theatre Trier (DE), and the Expo in Shanghai (CHN).


Her work was shown at/ coproduced from/ supported by:

Théâtre National Luxemburg; Trois C-L | Choreographic Center Luxemburg; Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen; the German Unesco Commission; Festival Passages Metz; German Consulate General New York; Dachverband Tanz Deutschland; Fonds Darstellende Künste; Arp Museum am Rolandseck; UJ Arts & Culture Johannesburg; National Arts Festival South Africa; MAC Creteil Paris; Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience and others. 

Interview von Hannah Ma mit Michael Freundt / Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (Fachtag „The Other Body - Tanz und Rassismus / The Performative Political Body of today“/ Schillertheater Berlin, September 2020):





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Hannah Ma is working with:



hannahmadance (Hannah Ma gUG I GER): Production Germany 

Haus Noir (ZA): Production South Africa

The People United asbl(LU): Production Luxemburg

LEM-Studios, Berlin (GER): Media Production Berlin



The People United:
Sergio Mel: Community Dance, Choreographic Assistance


Christin Reinartz: Education, Choreographic Assistance

Ritsuko Matsuoka: Co-Creation, Performance
Maher Abdul Moaty: 
Co-Creation, Performance
Nora Zrika: 
Co-Creation, Performance
Valentina Zappa: 
Co-Creation, Performance