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the performance II: DIEU/ MONSTRE

Dieu/ Monstre is a dance piece about male initiation rites in the alpes and asia. It questions the human duality of good and bad and the human relationship to where we come from and go to.
It is the third work of Hannah Ma with the syrian dancer Maher Abdul Moaty.
Dieu/  Monstre was played at the German Consulate General, New York as part of APAP 2017 and as part of the exhibition "Bühnenreif " @ Arpmuseum am Rolandseck.

© Gregory Mebille and Boshua


Concept/ Choreography: Hannah Ma

Interpretation: Maher Abdul Moaty

Costume: Ele Bleffert

Lights: Brice Durand, Karl Humbug

Sound:Hannah Ma

Musik: Eine Alpensymphonie ( R. Strauss)

Production: hannah ma dance/ HAN SÙN Gathering a.s.b.l

Place of the Produktion: 

Trois C-L Centre de Création Choregraphique Luxemburgeois


press: movement.net