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photo above: production 2017:



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dates 2017:




January 10th:

"Rauhnacht" /WANDERER work in progress @ German General Consulate; New York (©)



January 6th-10th:

the company will present itself at APAP Conference New York

The People United was chosen as one of five German companies to attend APAP 2017 (US)



February 4th-10th:

Hannah Ma is representing "The People United" @ Swiss Dance Days, Geneva (CH)



March 18th.: "Dieu/ Monstre"

Arpmuseum am Rolandseck (DE)



April 29th:

H.E.R.O.E.S @ Heilig Rock Tage Festival ( Bistum Trier), Trier (DE)



May 10th and 11th:

H.E.R.O.E.S @ Festival Passages, Metz (FR)



May 12th:

Premiere "Faust" (Kade Schmidt) @ Anhaltisches Theater Dessau (DE)



May 24th-June 16th:

"Schwanensee(le)", research @

TalentLAB with Grand Theatre, Luxembourg(LU)



June 29th- July 9th:

Hannah Ma is representing hannah ma dance/ The People United @

National Arts Festival, Grahamstown- South Africa (ZAF)



November 3rd, 8pm: Premiere "WANDERER" @ Kulturfabrik Eupen (BE)



November 7th and 8th, 11am:

"Wanderer" @ Theater Trier (DE)



November 25th, 8pm: "WANDERER" @ Theatre Esch (LU)







dates 2016:



"Their past"- Simone  Moussett, Resolution Festival; London



"Hannah Ma & Guests"

Centre Culturel"Beim Nessert", Mondercange;




"Die Gans"

Cape, Ettelbrück; Luxembourg



"Optike"- Anu Sistonen

Theatre Mancieulles, France



"Arena" Premiere

`Les Emergences`-

Banannefabrik, Luxembourg




Ruhrfestspiele Fringe      Recklinghausen,Germany


24.06.-24.07.:"The People United" Company is performing in "Jesus Christ Superstar" ( Regie: Martin Berger) with Theatre Trier 



"The People United" Company is performing in: "Creat(e)ures Festival", Tufa Tanz; Trier



"The People United" Company is performing in "Cabaret" (Regie: Quarg+Goldfarb) with Theater Trier 




"The People United" Company is performing in "Im weissen Rössl" (Regie: Christian von Goetz) with Theater Trier



"H.E.R.O.E.S", Theater Trier



19.12.: public rehearsal


Tufa Trier





dates 2015:





19.11.: "DIEU/ MONSTRE" Premiere

`Les Emergences`-

Banannefabrik, Luxembourg


11./12./ 13.12.:

`Nussknacker- das Fest`

Theatre National, Luxembourg




















H.E.R.O.E.S/ The People United

please visit: the-people-united.com

the performance II: DIEU/ MONSTRE

Dieu/ Monstre is a dance piece about male initiation rites in the alpes and asia. It questions the human duality of good and bad and the human relationship to where we come from and go to.
It is the third work of Hannah Ma with the syrian dancer Maher Abdul Moaty.
Dieu/  Monstre was played at the German Consulate General, New York as part of APAP 2017 and as part of the exhibition "Bühnenreif " @ Arpmuseum am Rolandseck.

© Gregory Mebille and Boshua


Concept/ Choreography: Hannah Ma

Interpretation: Maher Abdul Moaty

Costume: Ele Bleffert

Lights: Brice Durand, Karl Humbug

Sound:Hannah Ma

Musik: Eine Alpensymphonie ( R. Strauss)

Production: hannah ma dance/ HAN SÙN Gathering a.s.b.l

Place of the Produktion: 

Trois C-L Centre de Création Choregraphique Luxemburgeois


press: movement.net